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NetSuite’s unified approach to data management enables AI to deliver superior insights and recommendations.

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How Your Business Benefits from NetSuite AI

Focused Insights
NetSuite stores, secures, and structures your business’s data while leveraging AI for tasks, suggest actions, generate unique business insights, and analyze data.

AI Assistant
By using AI, you can automate well-defined tasks — think basic data entry and account reconciliation or identifying general ledger exceptions.

Transform Data
Data that is complete, unified, consistent and instantly accessible is the key to maximizing AI benefits — and only NetSuite provides it.

AI Advisory
Advanced AI technologies within NetSuite can advise and guide leaders, improve future outcomes, and support decision-making.

See Why Others Love NetSuite

“We share the vision NetSuite has that the cloud is the future of information systems , particularly for those who don’t have endless resources to hire and retain top-tier IT talent. At just a fraction of the cost of keeping SAP, NetSuite provides us a solution that is much more flexible and dynamic.”
Redbuilt LLC
“The company could have handled the growth without an ERP system, but we would have been forced to hire a lot more people.”
— Ian Larkin
Controller, CentralReach

Industry Leaders who Rely on NetSuite: